Fire Emblem Guide Heroes: Tricks, Secrets and 5 Star Tips

fire emblem heroes tips

Fire Emblem Heroes is here : tricks, secrets and tips to get off to a good start, get orbs and train the best heroes in Nintendo’s new. The last game of Nintendo for mobile came out last Thursday February 2, for both iPhone / iPad and Android. Did you want a free Nintendo game? Here you have it, although it is a “free to play”: you can download and start playing for free, but inside the game you can make purchases with real money. Unlike other free mobile games that follow this model, in Fire emblem Heroes you can play and enjoy the experience without paying to advance quietly. But you have to invest your time and resources well.

Let’s start with the index of this guide of Fire emblem Heroes: tricks, secrets and advice of 5 stars .

  • What is Fire emblem Heroes?
  • Fire Emblem Basic Rules Heroes
  • How to get free orbs in Fire emblem Heroes?
  • What do you spend orbs on Fire emblem Heroes?
  • How to get heroes (of 5 stars) in Fire emblem Heroes?
  • How to get experience in Fire emblem Heroes?
  • How to win at the Coliseum in Fire emblem Heroes?
  • How to get a strong team of heroes in Fire emblem Heroes?
  • What do you do daily in Fire emblem Heroes?

What is Fire emblem Heroes?

It is the first mobile game of Fire emblem, a long-running SRPG saga (Strategy Role Playing Game) with almost a dozen deliveries since the days of the NES. In this title we offer a simplified version of the strategic combat of Fire emblem, in which you can participate with popular heroes of previous games and some new ones. Your heroes move on maps of 8 x 6 squares following a series of rules to combat, with abilities, powers and weapons very diverse.

Fire Emblem Basic Rules Heroes

The first thing you have to keep in mind is always the arms triangle. The game follows a system similar to stone scissors paper, which fans of the saga will recognize: sword / fire / red is effective against ax / wind / green , which is effective against spear / thunder / blue , which in turn is effective Against the former. Stick with red > green > blue .

Each hero will be one of these 3 colors, although there are also gray heroes who do not enter this triangle: users of bows, canes and daggers. Archers are very effective against flying units, cane users specialize in healing our allies although they can also attack with magic, and attacks by thieves with daggers subtract defense and resistance to opponents.

Each type of unit has a different movement. The infantry units move 2 squares, the flying units also but can pass over rivers or mountains, the cavalry units move 3 squares but can not traverse forests and the armored units only move 1 square. Also you have to keep in mind that there are units that attack melee and others at a distance.

How to get free orbs in Fire emblem Heroes?

The orbs are the main currency of Fire emblem Heroes and can be bought with real money at this price:

3 Orbs: € 1.99
10 Orbs: € 5.99
23 Orbs: € 12.99
35 Orbs: € 19.99
48 Orbs: € 26.99
75 Orbs: € 39.99
140 Orbs: € 74.99

But there are different ways to get free orbs in Fire emblem Heroes without paying:

– You start the game with 15 free orbs.
– You can get 10 gift orbs for linking the game to your MyNintendo account.
– During these first few days they give you 2 each day by entering the game as a login bonus.
– You can also get more orbs fulfilling some challenges (see the source in the castle).
– You can get a total of 30 free orbs in Fire emblem Heroes on the special maps that commemorate the launch of the game. You can find them in the Meetings mode. Today, Monday, February 6, the first is released, and during each of the next 4 Monday there will be a new one. Each map can be surpassed in two levels of difficulty and to do it every week will give you 6 orbs (3 in normal mode, 3 in difficult).
– In story mode you gain one orb for each map exceeded in each level of difficulty. There are 9 chapters with 5 parts each and 3 levels of difficulty, ie completing the full story mode will give you 138 orbs (45 per difficulty level + 3 probe / tutorial orbs).

Check out this fire emblem hacks to get free orbs on your fire emblem account.

What do you spend orbs on Fire emblem Heroes?

The orbs serve to summon heroes in Fire emblem Heroes. Do not waste orbs on other things! Do not invest them in expanding barracks, since at the moment you have space for 200 heroes, or other useless uses like reviving them after a lost battle. It is better to lose and try again.

But before you spend orbs invoking heroes, we advise you to use them to remodel your castle. Why? Because you’ll end up doing it late and early and the improvement will be noticed: for each remodeling of the castle you get a permanent bonus experience for all your heroes. The first remodeling, rough castle, costs 1 orb and gives you 20% more experience. The second, manor house, costs 2 orbs, and gives you 40% more experience. Thus you will climb up opulent castle (5 orbs, + 60%), royal palace (8 orbs, + 80%) and imperial palace (10 orbs, + 100%). With this last remodeling all your heroes will gain twice as much experience as normal. The sooner you do it, the sooner you take it.

How to get heroes (of 5 stars) in Fire emblem Heroes?

Here chance comes into play. All heroes in the game have a level of rarity, ranging from 1 to 5 stars. The 5-star characters have better stats and can get better weapons and abilities than those of lesser rarity. Heroes can be promoted to raise rarity, but it will cost you to raise them to level 20 and a lot of objects that we will talk about later.

Fire Hero 3, Heroes, Alfonso, Sharena and Anna start with 2 stars, as well as the other Heroes that give you the beginning of the game: Virion, Matthew and Raigh .

Each day in Meetings mode you will be able to recruit a new hero in Fire emblem Heroes without spending orbs. To do this, you’ll have to overcome a map without losing any of your 4 heroes entering battle. If you overcome it in normal mode for the first time, you will get the hero in question with 1 rarity star, if you do it in difficult mode (recommended, obviously) you will get it with 2 stars. There is a new encounter every day since the launch of the game, following Sophia, Virion, Hana, Subaki, Donnel, Lissa, Gunter, Cecilia, Felicia, Wrys, Olivia and Stahl . After those 12 days and 12 heroes, February 14 will return to Sophia.

Although you already have the hero of the day, try to get it on both levels of difficulty, as you can always merge repeated heroes to achieve PH (Skill Points, to unlock better weapons and learn skills) or send them home (remove them) so that you Den feathers in return. We recommend this last option, since the PH that you get to merge are usually ridiculous, unless the hero that you make disappear in the merger is of equal or higher level than the receiver, in which case some statistics are improved.

To get 3, 4 or 5 star heroes you will have to start an invocation session by spending orbs. Invoking a hero costs 5 orbs, but if you summon 5 heroes in a row you’ll be cheaper: 5 orbs the first, 4 the second, the third and fourth, and 3 orbs the fifth and last. You get 5 heroes for the price of 4. When you start an invocation session 5 color possibilities appear and you choose.

In this launching of the game you can invoke heroes by choosing: legendary heroes ( Marth, Lucina, Daraen and Tiki ) or absolute loyalty ( Lyn, Roy, Camilla and Takumi ). The probabilities of occurrence are:

– Hero of 5 stars with preference: 3%
– Hero of 5 stars: 3%
– Hero of 4 stars: 36%
– Hero of 3 stars: 58%

In total you can get about 100 different heroes. How to get 5-star heroes with these low odds? Making several consecutive invocations. If you invoke 5 times without appearing a 5-star hero, the likelihood of them appearing will increase. You can check how the odds are modified at any time in the “rate of occurrence” option. Therefore it is better to save orbs and to invoke several heroes in a row.

Advice for nonconformists: if in your first invocation session you do not get the heroes you wanted or do not have many stars, you can always erase the game data and start over to try again and try your luck. Of course, as long as you have NOT linked the game to your Nintendo account.

How to get experience in Fire emblem Heroes?

Heroes gain experience by defeating enemies of similar or higher level. If a hero attacks or defeats an enemy of a level far below his own, he will NOT gain any experience. To train units you have to let the weaker ones top off the enemies. You also have to keep in mind that if a unit dies in combat, the experience and levels acquired by that unit during that combat will be lost. Control the range of the enemy and develop your strategy so that the weakest give the coup de grace.

You can level your units out of combat using splinters (for heroes level 1 to 19) and gems (for heroes level 20 or higher), which will get you fulfilling challenges and missions.

To train your units it is not advisable to repeat maps of History mode, but to go to the practice tower. This tower has 11 levels of increasing difficulty that are unlocked as you complete the story mode. In it you can also get objects like stamps, badges, splinters and gems of different color according to the day of the week.

A little trick to get additional experience: if it is the case that only an enemy that does not do great damage to one of your units, you can let it hurt and have a gray unit with a stick to cure it . Curing units always gives experience. Also, if you leave for the end of a map two gray enemies with cane to heal between them you can also be a good time gaining experience with your healer and your attackers.

How to win at the Coliseum in Fire emblem Heroes?

In the Coliseum you will compete against battalions of heroes of other players. Your battalion that will participate in these battles will always be the first, so be sure to select it well. Fight in the Coliseum does not consume energy, consume gladius and you only have 3 per day unless you use objects to regenerate them.

When entering a battle in the Coliseum you are presented 3 options of 3 different difficulties. Choose an opponent and if you win you will earn points based on their level. The more difficulty, the greater the number of points. If you hit several consecutive victories you will win an extra bonus, until you chain 7 victories. Strike well not to break the chain! In each season of the Coliseum (lasts a week) you will also receive bonus points bonus only if you include in your team at least one of the heroes of the season that you are told.

Try to beat your record of attacks of the season to receive prizes and improve rank. You will receive prizes based on your record of attacks (points you gain by attacking other users), your record of defenses (points earned for resisting attacks by other users) and your place in the world ranking if you are among the top 100,000.

The Coliseum is the only way to get a high number of feathers. Feathers are the necessary item to increase the rarity of your heroes. Climbing a hero from 2 to 3 stars costs 200 feathers, 3 to 4 stars 2,000 feathers and 4 to 5 stars 20,000 feathers (a barbarity). You can only increase the rarity of heroes who have reached level 20 and in doing so will return to level 1. To increase the rarity also you will need stamps or badges of the color of the heroes, that are obtained in the Tower of practice or surpassing some challenges.

How to get a strong team of heroes in Fire emblem Heroes?

Do not always depend on your 2 or 3 favorite heroes: you need to have battalions of different allies to face different situations. Try to train all your units to have a compensated team and take into account the stars of each one, their strengths and weaknesses. When level up the units get PH to get better weapons and learn skills. A seemingly weak hero can be very useful with the right skill.

At the beginning of the game you will have units of red, blue and green infantry ( Alfonso, Sharena and Anna ), also 2 gray units (the Virion archer and the thief Matthew ) and a red magician ( Raigh ). Think about what colors and types you lack. In your first sessions of invocation you should try to get, in addition to the potentísimos heroes of 5 stars with preference, some gray unit with cane to cure. Healing units can get experience easily by healing their allies, and by getting 50 PH can equip magic weapon to attack from a distance. For example Elise , who goes on horseback, is very useful.

Other very useful but very unusual units are the units with breath, which do great magic damage: Tiki, Tiki (young), Corrin (M), Nowi and Fae are killing machines. Azura (blue) and Olivia (red) have abilities to transfer their turn to another ally who has already taken an action, which is very interesting to develop strategies that allow you to attack twice with your most powerful units. The attacks of Daraen (M) have the advantage of being effective against gray units, besides against the red units for being a blue unit.

Finally, armored units are very valuable even if they are so slow. The best for now is Hector (green), who has a skill that allows him to counterattack also when receiving remote attacks. The armored units have a great defense and many times the enemy will do them 0 damage. When you face them they can give you many problems, so you need to attack them with magic or with units that can equip weapons especially effective against them, like hammer, or similar abilities.

What do you do daily in Fire emblem Heroes?

So you do not forget, every day at 8 in the morning starts a new day in Fire emblem heroes:

– Every day there is a bonus of login with 2 free orbs, at least during these first days. Receive your gifts at the owl.
– Every day there is a new hero in Meetings mode.
– Touch every day the heroes of the castle with hearts on their heads to give you feathers and other objects.
– Every day the 3 gladius are restored to participate in 3 battles in the Coliseum.
– Train your heroes daily in the Practice Tower!

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